2019 Ford Mustang safety features 

By Product Expert | Posted in New Ford Models, Safety on Friday, June 14th, 2019 at 1:58 pm
Driver side exterior view of a blue 2019 Ford Mustang

Everyone knows the Ford Mustang for being a powerful, sporty muscle car. The Mustang has been a staple in the American auto industry for decades and it continues to impress drivers around the world. With all of the power and speed that comes with the Mustang, it can be easy to overlook this car’s safety features. Check out what’s included to make the Mustang safe, not just fun and fast. 

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What safety features are included on the 2019 Ford Mustang? 

Every 2019 Ford Mustang can be equipped with the Ford Safe and Smart™ Package. This advanced suite of safety technology includes both active and passive safety features. Active features are designed to prevent collisions from happening while passive features are meant to limit the damage of a collision that is unavoidable. 

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What does the Ford Safe and Smart™ Package include? Driver's cockpit of the 2019 Ford Mustang

This advanced safety package comes with numerous features that will keep you and your passengers secure. When equipped with this suite, your Mustang will include pre-collision assist, pedestrian detection, lane-keep assist, automatic high beams, adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, forward collision warning, and rain-sensing windshield wipers. Got all that? Yes, with the Ford Safe and Smart™ Package, the Mustang is as safe as anything on the roads. 

Always practice safe driving, no matter what features your car has. The Mustang is a thrill to drive but always drive it safely. Don’t speed, don’t text, don’t get distracted behind the wheel. These features are designed to keep you safe, yes, but if you drive recklessly, it won’t matter how many advanced technologies you have. Come to Eric Von Schledorn Ford to learn more about the 2019 Ford Mustang.

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