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2019 Ford Edge safety features

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019
Driver side exterior view of a red 2019 Ford Edge

Safety is and always will be our number one concern. We want our customers to be as safe as possible when they’re behind the wheel. Driving is inherently dangerous, but modern technologies have made it safer than ever before. The Ford Edge is a popular crossover SUV, so check out what features are included with it to keep you safe and secure.  (more…)

What is the difference between active safety features and passive safety features?

Monday, July 15th, 2019
front view of red chevy impala

Safety should always be at the front of your mind when you’re driving. Even if you’re just shopping for a new car, safety features should be among the things you ask about. We often see some safety features depicted as active and some as passive. What do these terms mean? Keep reading to find out.  (more…)

2019 Ford Mustang safety features 

Friday, June 14th, 2019
Driver side exterior view of a blue 2019 Ford Mustang

Everyone knows the Ford Mustang for being a powerful, sporty muscle car. The Mustang has been a staple in the American auto industry for decades and it continues to impress drivers around the world. With all of the power and speed that comes with the Mustang, it can be easy to overlook this car’s safety features. Check out what’s included to make the Mustang safe, not just fun and fast.  (more…)

2019 Chevy Impala safety features

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019
front view of red chevy impala

Regardless of what you drive, safety should always be your number one priority when you’re behind the wheel. Driving is an inherently dangerous activity. Billions of people drive every day, and thousands of accidents occur. It’s just part of life. Luckily, modern technology has made driving safer than ever before. Check out some of the active and passive safety features on the 2019 Chevy Impala.  (more…)

How Can I Drive Safely on Snowy Roads in Wisconsin this Winter?

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018
Winter driving safety tips, text on an image of a car tire driving over a snowy road

Wisconsin Winter Driving Safety Tips for Snowy & Icey Roads

If it seems like winter started a bit early this year you are not alone.  Somehow winter started right after summer left us.  It is not uncommon for Mother Nature to skip a season here in Wisconsin but I believe we can all agree that we wish it would’ve been winter this time.  Better luck next year maybe.  But, with that being said it is time to start thinking about driving on Wisconsin’s wintery roadways.  Snow and ice make travel in our state uniquely difficult but not impossible and by following our winter driving safety tips below you can be sure to arrive at your destination safe and sound. (more…)

What are the Safety & Technology Features of the 2018 Buick Encore?

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018
Overhead exterior view of the driver side of a gray 2019 Buick Encore

2018 Buick Encore Safety & Technology Features

When you are looking for a new vehicle you expect that it will have a responsive and efficient engine and that the interior will be comfortable and accommodating.  What you really want to know about is how a vehicle’s evolved technology features can keep you connected with directions, phone calls, and help you play your favorite song.  The 2018 Buick Encore is obviously equipped with all of the mechanical stuff that you’d expect under the hood, but it is also loaded with all of the latest and greatest technology that you have been wishing and waiting for.  Find out more about all the 2018 Buick Encore’s technology and safety features below. (more…)

How Can I Safely Deep-Fry a Thanksgiving Turkey?

Thursday, November 9th, 2017
Safely Deep Fry a Turkey, text on an image of a cartoon turkey being dropped into the fryer

How to Safely Deep-Fry a Thanksgiving Turkey

Everyone has seen a horror video of a Thanksgiving turkey being deep fried that ends in disastrous results.  The reason people continue to deep fry turkeys is because, when done properly and safely, a deep-fried turkey is one of the most incredible meats to enter your mouth.  It turns a lean, dry meat and miraculously turns it into a moist and mouth-watering masterpiece.  When deep frying a turkey, safety should always be the number one priority, and even though deep fried turkey is a holiday delicacy, never drink and fry.  Here is how to safely and deliciously deep-fried turkey. (more…)

What are the 2017 Milwaukee, WI area Deer Hunting Dates?

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

2017 Milwaukee, WI area Deer Hunting Dates

You can feel fall has finally arrived with the cold wind nipping at your nose, and that means that hunting season is upon us.  Bow hunters hit the woods on September 16th, and the bowhunting season continues until January 7th, 2018.  Gun season feels like it is getting a late start this year, but that is mostly due to the warm temperatures extending deeper than normal.  But, before you know it, you’ll be wearing the blaze orange once again while you wait for your trophy buck to finally come along this year. (more…)

Tell Me About the Specs & Features of the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017
2018 Chevrolet Traverse Specs Features

2018 Chevrolet Traverse Specs & Features

If your family dinners sometimes take place inside your SUV on the way to a music recital or soccer game, then you understand the importance of having a spacious and safety conscious vehicle.  Life is in constant motion and you wouldn’t want it any other way.  The 2018 Chevrolet Traverse was designed for the weekend warrior and families on the go.  With versatile passenger and cargo capabilities, the 2018 Traverse delivers on the daily demands that you require your vehicle to deal with.  Intuitive technology and advanced safety features make the Chevrolet Traverse a 2018 must-see SUV, get to know all the Traverse’s specs and features below. (more…)

What Rules Should I Follow While Driving on the Highway?

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017
Highway Driving Tips and Rules to Follow

Highway Driving Tips & Rules to Follow

Why does it seem on the days that we are already running late, everyone on the highway is driving like they are in a parade?  The most frustrating part of our day is when we encounter three vehicles driving the same speed across all three lanes of traffic, essentially rendering the entire concept of a multi-lane highway obsolete.  You don’t need to be an aggressive speed demon on the highway to facilitate proper traffic flow, all you need to do is be attentive and conscientious of other drivers on the highway.  Avoid causing and getting caught in congestion on the highway by following these simple rules and tips. (more…)