5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Car

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Although this upcoming weekend’s weather might be doing its best to convince us otherwise, spring is truly on its way in the Milwaukee area. As you likely know, there are many nefarious ways that winter weather can affect your vehicle, and that’s why this is a great time to give your car the spring cleaning it deserves. But what should you do exactly?

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Car

1) Check Your Fluids

Winter can take a toll on many of your fluids, including the totally necessary (oil, etc.) and the more superficial (like washer fluid). In the winter, it’s important to make certain that all of your fluids are full or have been changed, and we’d be happy to do that for you right here at EVS Auto Group. We’ll look at all fluids, including transmission, steering and brake fluid.

Spring Auto Service Milwaukee WI2) Wash Underneath Your Car

Road salt: can’t live with it, can’t live without it. While it melts ice and helps add traction to the roadway, it also takes a real toll on the metal components on your car. While this often makes itself known by way of rust on the outside of your car, it also affects the underbody of your vehicle. Your engine bay should also be inspected after the winter for any debris, leaves or dirt that have accumulated over the last few months.

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3) Check Rubber Surfaces

Winter often has a way of drying out windshield wiper blades and belts, and again, the combination of salt and cold are largely responsible. They’ll eventually dry out and crack, rendering them ineffective. Spring, of course, is the best time to do this.

4) Check Tires and Alignment

Cold months can affect your tires in several ways. First, the temperature swings can make your tire pressure fluctuate. Second, roads endure much more wear and tear during these months, resulting in potholes, which in turn can affect tires and alignment. Again, it’s during the spring months that this requires your attention.

5) Clean and Steam Your Interior

Just as dirt and salt can hurt the outside of your car, they can also be a nuisance on the interior cabin. Dirt and salt can eventually break down compounds in carpet and cloth upholstery. To keep this from happening, it’s a good idea to vacuum and steam clean your carpets before the damage can be done.

If we may say so ourselves, the best way to get your car ready for the months ahead is to bring it to us at EVS Auto Group. We’ll give it the attention it deserves, so schedule your appointment today!

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