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Winter Car Service Fond Du Lac WI

We’re finally at the point in our yearly calendar when, even without looking at a forecast, we can reasonably assume that the weather is set to take a turn for the worse. While we’ve gotten off easy up to this point, we’re finally starting to see some turbulence headed our way. So how do you get your car ready for winter? We’re well-versed in the answers to this question at EVS Auto Group, and we’re happy to help out with some tips to prepare for the season ahead.

How to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

Prepare a Winter Supply Box for your Vehicle

We’ll stop just short of calling this a “winter survival” kit, even though the items are certainly crucial to help ensure that there are fewer surprises than you’d prefer. Make sure that your supply box includes the following:

  • A Flashlight
  • Road Flares
  • A First-Aid Kit
  • Blankets
  • Warm Clothes
  • Gloves
  • A Radio
  • A Charged Cellphone
  • Sand
  • An Ice Scraper
  • Snacks
  • Water

Winter Car Service West Bend WICheck Your Fluids

Winter can be extremely taxing on your vehicle, which is why it’s crucial that your radiator fluid, washer fluid, brake fluid and coolant are exactly where they should be. Additionally, make certain that you’re using winterized fluids where necessary, so that freezing isn’t an option.

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Monitor Your Tires

Your tires are your best friends during the winter months, and that’s why it’s important to give them the respect that they deserve. Check your pressure frequently, as this can fluctuate greatly with changes in temperature; you can find your correct tire pressure on your inside doorjamb on the driver’s side. Also, you can check your tread depth on your tires by simply using a standard penny; insert a penny upside-down into the tread, and if you can see all of Abraham Lincoln’s head, then your tires need replacing!

Wash Your Car Regularly

As you certainly know, the salt and sand on the roads in the wintertime can wreak real havoc on your vehicle. It causes rust and corrosion, and it’s important that you are being proactive during the colder months to limit the impact that these circumstances can have.

There are a number of other potential precautionary measures you might like to take before the snow flies, and we’d be happy to help make this happen. Visit us today to schedule your appointment for winter auto service near Milwaukee, WI!

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