Your Silverado’s Trailering Profile Is a helpful Way to Use and Track Your Favorite Trailers

By Product Expert | Posted in New Chevy Models, Technology on Thursday, February 27th, 2020 at 6:34 pm
trailer profile in sivlerado

How to Create a Trailering Profile for Your Chevy Silverado 

If you do a lot of driving in your Silverado, then you probably know your truck well. But what you may not know is that there are ways to personalize the trailering profile for your vehicle in order to help your pickup know a little bit more about you as well Confused? Allow us to explain. 

For 2019 and newer models, there is an in-vehicle trailering app that can be accessed through the built-in vehicle touch screen. Within this app, you’ll see a few different tabs, such as Status, Checklist, Trailers and Settings. The Trailers tab is the one we will want to focus on here. 

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Setting Up a Trailer Profile 

If you’ve never taken this step before, you’ll want to set up a trailer profile. Just select New Trailer Profile to get started. You can give the trailer a name that makes sense for you, and this will allow you to save multiple profiles if you have multiple trailers you regularly use. 

You will also be asked to select the hitch you are using and what type of trailer you are setting up the profile for. Best of all, if you don’t see your trailer type list, it might mean that the trailer you are trying to use isn’t compatible with the type of hitch you are using, so keep this in mind. 

Next, you’ll want to customize the app, so select Advanced Setup. From here, the app will ask a number of questions that you can answer, including setting a tow/haul or maintenance reminder. Once you’ve answered the questions, your profile is complete. 

But, there is more you can do in the app as well, including going through a towing checklist to make sure everything is covered. That checklist also shows you how to setup each item correctly. The Status tab also allows you to check maintenance 

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This trailering profile app is a great way to ensure you are using your trailer properly with your new Silverado and helping you stay on top of maintenance needs for your multiple trailers. Check back to our blog to learn more about your Chevy vehicle. 

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