Know about Safe Fall Driving Habits for All

By Product Expert | Posted in Safety on Tuesday, April 5th, 2022 at 1:59 am
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3 Tips Safe Driving Habits for Fall

It would be best to drive safely whenever you get behind the wheel. You must pay close attention to other drivers, signage, and weather conditions. Conditions are constantly changing, significantly as the seasons change. We all know how dangerous driving in the winter can be, but did you know that driving in the fall may be as difficult? We have compiled a list of fall driving recommendations to keep you safe on the road this season. Keep reading the Eric Von Schledorn dealership blog near RR Random Lake, WI, to learn more about safe driving habits for fall.

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1. Don’t Drive on Leaves   

We may enjoy going on fall drives and admiring the changing colors of the leaves, but it does not imply we should drive on them.  

This is especially true when it is raining. Wet leaves stick to the pavement and are as hazardous as ice. They might also hide potholes and other driving dangers.  

If you must drive through leaves, slow down and avoid abrupt stops and starts.  

2. Tires  

If your tires have enough tread, they will perform better on wet surfaces. On dry roads, they also stop faster and steer better.  

Tire pressure is also crucial for keeping you rolling smoothly and safely. Regardless of the weather, expect your tires to lose at least 1 pound per square inch (PSI) of pressure per month.  

This accelerates as the air cools in the fall. For every 10 degrees of temperature drop, tire pressure drops another pound per square inch.

Tires should be properly filled up

When the automobile sits for two or three hours, check tire pressure using a decent handheld gauge from an auto parts store. On a decal pasted on the driver’s side door jam or the door itself and in the owner’s manual, the proper pressure will be noted.  

3. Do not Drive While Distracted  

It is never a good idea to drive when preoccupied. It increases your odds of being in an accident, but it also increases your chances of injuring someone else.  

We have an article that can assist you in figuring out what causes distracted driving. A good rule of thumb is to avoid doing anything that diverts your focus away from the road.

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