Knowing When it’s Time to Replace Your Brakes

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There are countless important automotive components, and it’s hard to prioritize one over the other when things start to go wrong. However, we can generally agree that brakes are vitally important, since, you know, they stop your car when you don’t feel like launching off a cliff or what have you. But how do you know when they’re starting to go?

Knowing When to Replace Your Brakes

Listen for Screeching

Your brakes will often tell you that they’re getting up in years, since most brake pads are equipped to signal with a loud screeching noise when they’re nearing the end. However, some drivers ignore this noise, which will lead to the next sound: metal on metal. This means that you’ve worn through the pad itself, which means you’ve got more to replace.

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Old brake pads make also vibrate as they wear, since braking is literally becoming less efficient. In this case, you might feel a bit of a tug while braking, or might notice that you’re actually feeling resistance from the brake pedal itself. In any case, it’s time to get in for brake repair at a shop near you. You know, like the ones at EVS Auto Group.

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Examine Your Wheels

If you’ve paid attention to the wheels on your car — that would be the metal, not the rubber — you might notice that dust has accumulated on them. This dust has come directly from your brake pads, which is totally natural. However, if you’re noticing less dust over time, this means that they’re wearing out, and might be in need of a look.

Examine Your Brake Pads

You can actually examine your brake pads directly through your which, which is nice. However, you might not know what you’re looking for, which is less nice. You want to examine the pads for thickness, and once there is only about a quarter-inch of rubber, you’re getting down to the fabled nitty gritty. This also happens to be near the area where you’ll hear the wear indicators that we mentioned earlier, so you’ve got that to look forward to.

Obviously, brake repair is something that’s best left to a professional, so if you’d like a professional opinion on your brakes, we encourage you to bring your vehicle by EVS Auto Group today!

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