What are the Most Expensive Auto Repairs?

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Most Expensive Auto Repairs

If you’d like to make any driver wince, bring up an auto repair bill that is prohibitively expensive. It’s something that we understand innately, and it’s uncomfortable to even bring up. But which repairs are the most expensive? There are four that stand out, so it’s best to get ahead of these whenever you can.

Which are the Most Expensive Auto Repairs?

A New Transmission

There’s a reason that many drivers will just hear the words “new transmission” and begin looking for a new car. Even a relatively simple transmission can cost up to $5,000, while more complex ones can run up and over that number. This is why it’s important to try to slow the wear and tear on a transmission with frequent maintenance checks, and always keep an eye on oil and fluid levels.


There’s a caveat here, of course, because they are an absolutely necessary repair. However, once they aHead Gasket Repair Milwaukee WIre deployed, they must be replaced. You obviously can’t put a price on your own safety, but airbags must be addressed before long. The best way to avoid having to replace them, of course, is to simply drive carefully, and hope that you don’t need to deploy them in the first place.

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Cylinder Head Gaskets

These are a repair that we don’t often think much about, and this is at our own peril. Cylinder head gaskets form the seal between an engine block and the cylinder head, and when this seal is compromised, oil and coolant will mix. This is extremely expensive to repair, mostly due to the labor involved. The best way to avoid allowing this to happen is to never allow your engine to overheat, and keep coolant levels where they should be.

Fuel Pump

Here’s another one where the labor involved tells much of the story of the high sticker price. The fuel pump brings gasoline from the fuel tank to the engine, and there are multiple places along the way where this can be disrupted. To keep your fuel pump working as it should, use the fuel that your owner’s manual calls for, and never use fuel that comes from a dirty container.

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