What are the Basic Camping Essentials?

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What are the Basic Camping Essentials

Summer time is the season to load up the family and all the gear into the back of the Ford F-150 and hit the woods for family bonding time.  Also known as camping, nothing brings the family closer than severing the civilization cord and roughing it at the campsite for a weekend or more.  There are no stronger memories made than those made in the wilderness.  Sitting around the campfire telling stories and laughing until we cry helps us connect with those closest to us.  If it’s time to make life long memories with the ones closest to you, ditch the city and head towards the north woods.  Even if you are not an experienced outdoorsman you can still organize a successful camping trip by remembering to bring these basic camping essentials.

7 Camping Essentials

  • First Aid Kit

Accidents happen and it is idiotic not to be prepared for the worst when you are in the woods.  Make sure your first aid kit contains: burn and bite cream, instant ice packs, bandages, ibuprofen, athletic tape and a pair of scissors.

  • Matches

I am sure you are packing a lighter or four but what if for some reason they get wet or don’t work, it is smart to bring a box of matches as a backup.

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  • Rope

Rope is essential and useful for many things like hanging food and garbage from a tree so not to attract racoons.  It makes a clothesline, a shelter and even helps pull fellow campers out of a jam.

  • Tarps

Used as a base for your tent, as an alternative shelter, and keeps firewood dry.  A tarp is a small multi-use must have at the campsite.

  • Lantern and/or flashlight

I think this goes without saying but, how else are going to see in the dark?  It is also advisable and smart to bring extra batteries or fuel for lanterns and flashlights

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  • Alternate Weather Wear

Forecasts are nothing more than an educated guess and the weather conditions can change at the drop of a hat, so always be prepared for poor weather.

  • A Pocket Knife

A multi-tool pocket knife is an absolute essential and should be on you at all times while in the woods.  Compact and containing a multitude of handy tools in one convenient package, do not leave home without a pocket knife.

Enjoy a summer camping trip that only Wisconsin can provide this summer and stay safe and prepared with the previous list of camping essentials.

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