What to Teach Your Children About OnStar

By Product Expert | Posted in Technology on Thursday, February 27th, 2020 at 9:29 pm
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Why You Should Teach Your Kids About OnStar 

We’ve all heard stories about little kids calling 9-1-1 just to see what happens. For most kids, it’s the first phone number they learn and memorize, but hopefully, it’s one they never actually have to use. Unfortunately, curiosity sometimes gets the best of them. 

Still, when it comes to resources for emergency help, you want to teach your kids what to do in case an emergency ever does happen. And that’s why we recommend all parents who drive an OnStar equipped vehicle teach their children about the OnStar features and how to access them. 

Of course, you’ll also want to teach your kids when an appropriate time to use these features is, and explain to them what an emergency situation is and what it is not. 

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OnStar Features to Show Your Children 

But, if the time ever does come when you as a parent are not able to access the OnStar features yourself, your child knowing what to do can get you out of a difficult spot, and potentially even save a life if it’s serious. 

First of all, teach your kids what OnStar can do. Explain to them that the blue button on the rearview mirror can call for help if the vehicle ever dies or experiences a flat tire, or if you get lost. The button they should learn, however, is the red one. Teach your kids that if there is ever a time when you are in danger or hurt, and a parent is unable to press the button, that they can press the red button to call for emergency help. Explain to them that the red button calls 9-1-1 and that they can talk to the persona’s voice who comes through the radio, as they are there to help. 

OnStar has some amazing features, so be sure to use them when you need them. To learn more, check back to our website blog

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