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Protect What’s Yours: How to Avoid Auto Theft

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016
Auto theft

By most statistics, up to $4.5 billion is surrendered every year due to automotive theft. This applies to both the theft of vehicles, as well as the theft of property that is taken from inside a car. But how do you avoid auto theft in the Milwaukee area? For the most part, it’s crucial to use common sense, but drivers might sometimes not realize that they are putting themselves in harm’s way. (more…)

How to Properly Throw a Summer Cookout

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016
summer cookout

Although we certainly are best known around these parts for our outstanding legacy of automotive sales and service, we’ve also become something of an authority when it comes time to break bread with friends. We’ve gotten to know many ways to be the life of the party, particularly when it comes time to plan a summer cookout. So, if you’re thinking about throwing a luau in the Milwaukee area this summer, feel free to copy our simple checklist found here. (more…)

4 Common Mistakes Made When Buying a Used Car

Monday, June 27th, 2016
buying a car

At EVS Auto Group, we regularly meet with buyers who would seem to be novices in the automotive marketplace. They have more questions than answers, and they might not even know which questions to ask. So how can we work to give buyers a more thorough understanding of the process? A good place to start is to identify and eliminate common car-buying mistakes, many of which are tricky to navigate. (more…)

New Driver in the House? How to Talk to the Young Drivers in Your Family

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016
Teen driver adjusting rearview mirror

With our five EVS Auto Group dealerships situated around eastern Wisconsin, we’re certainly accustomed to serving drivers at every stage of their transportation experience. This applies to young families looking for something efficient and functional, and it applies just as evenly to drivers finally buying their dream car. One of our most frequent conversations, however, deals with parents who have new drivers in their households. So, from your friends at Schledorn Auto Group, here are some tips for talking to the young drivers in your household. (more…)

The Benefits of Buying a Used Car

Monday, June 20th, 2016
lady buying a used car

Used Car Financing | Sheboygan-Fond du Lac, WI

While the family of dealerships under the Ernie Von Schledorn is certainly well-known for our many new models from such automakers such as Chevy, Ford and Volkswagen, we’re similarly popular for our large and ever-changing inventory of used and certified pre-owned vehicles as well. For many buyers, ranging from Waukesha to Fond du Lac to Sheboygan, WI, the purchase of a used model simply makes more sense from a financial standpoint, and that’s why we’re pleased to offer financing on our terrific used inventory. Of course, buying a used car isn’t without its benefits. (more…)

How to Rebuild Your Credit

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016
Calculating finance

For a good portion of buyers who visit our family of dealerships at the Schledorn Auto Group, the conversation of credit is one that they aren’t excited to have. Many among us have had financial issues in the past, and this certainly enters the equation when we’re thinking about buying a car. Buying a car is a good way to get your credit back on track, but it’s far from the only way. So, how can you rebuild your credit? (more…)

Get in Line for these 4th of July Events and Fireworks Shows in the Milwaukee Area

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016
4th July fireworks

Wisconsin is an absolute blast during the summer months, and this is never more true than over the 4th of July. There are all sorts of exciting events scheduled to help celebrate our country, many of which are free to the public. But which 4th of July events and fireworks shows are the best of the bunch? EVS Auto Group has scoured the internet for clues, and here’s what we’ve found. (more…)

What Should You Do When Your Car Overheats?

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016
Overheated engine

When you’ve operated in the automotive world for as long as we have at Schledorn Auto Group, you get pretty well-versed at understanding and diagnosing potential car problems. This time of year, however, Milwaukee-area drivers often see an issue that can arise seemingly out of nowhere: an overheating car. So, what should you do when your car overheats? Fret not; EVS Auto Group has you covered. (more…)

Take a Bow, Dad! Father’s Day Events near Milwaukee, WI

Sunday, June 5th, 2016
Father and child learning the cycle

We’re only two short weeks away from Father’s Day in the Milwaukee area, with local dads already itching to kick their feet up on June 19th. Father’s Day is certainly one of our favorite annual holidays here at Schledorn Auto Group, and we’ve wasted little time making plans for the 2016 edition. So, what’s cooking in the Milwaukee area for Father’s Day? (more…)

Welcome to the Official Von Schledorn Auto Group Blog!

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016
Car Dealership

On behalf of our entire staff across all five locations across eastern Wisconsin, we’d like to welcome you to the Von Schledorn Auto Group blog! This blog will act as the central meeting place for all of our various dealerships, and will provide an easy resource for information and current events that are occurring across our many EVS locations. So what can you hope to expect to find when you visit the official Von Schledorn Auto Group blog? Here’s a small sampling. (more…)