5 Signs of a Dying Battery

By Product Expert | Posted in Service and Repair, Tips and Info on Saturday, April 29th, 2017 at 8:42 pm
Signs of a Dying Battery

We might sometimes overlook or ignore the importance of our batteries, probably because their duties seem so simple: start the car and keep it running. But how do you know if your battery is getting ready to kick the bucket? Here are six signs to look for.

5 Signs of a Dying Battery

Your Engine is Slow to Turn Over

You turn the key, and either it’s slow to respond, sluggish as it begins to turn over, or just takes a minute to get up to idling RPMs. All of these are classic signs of an engine that is trending downward.

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The Battery Fluid Level is Low

Most car batteries will have a transparent piece on the casing that lets you see where the battery fluid level is. If the fluid level dips beneath the energy conductor inside, it’s good to have a battery tested. This will often activate the “Check Engine” light as well.

A Bloated Battery Case

Oftentimes, a failing battery will produce excessive heat, and this will cause the case holding it to become warped. In this case, your battery is on its last legs, and could use a replacement.

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A Leaking Battery

Leaking can be evidence of more than just a dying battery; a poor connection, for example. However, a leaking battery will cause corrosion to build up around the posts, and eventually will cause your car to start slowly or to remove battery power altogether.

It’s Simply Getting Old

Batteries can last anywhere from two to six years, but toward the longer end of that spectrum, you should expect that it isn’t long for this world. Sometimes, even with all the proper care in the world, your battery just dies all on its own.

So, are you ready to have your battery tested, and potentially replaced? If so, schedule a service appointment at EVS Auto Group today!

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