Important tire care services to remember 

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Flat Tire on a gravel Road

Your tires are more vulnerable than most other parts of your car. Why? Well, your tires are constantly in contact with the road and wear down pretty much all the time. Every time a tire rotates, a little bit of tread comes off. One of the most common problems people have with tires is uneven wear. Keep reading to learn more about basic tire services that are meant to keep your tires happy and healthy. 

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Tire rotation Fall Auto Service West Bend WI

A tire rotation is one of the most rudimentary automotive services you’ll ever have done to your vehicle. When our service technicians rotate your tires, they are literally removing them and replacing them on different positions of your axle. This should be done once every 6,000 miles or so and it ensures that all parts of your tires wear down evenly. 

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Tire balance 

Each tire should also be routinely balanced. So you don’t have to schedule a ton of appointments, we recommend getting your tires balanced when you get them rotated. Our mechanics use either static or dynamic balancers to redistribute the internal mass to the optimal reading. If you experience vibrating or shaking in your steering wheel, it may be due to imbalanced tires. 

Front-end alignment 

Over time, your tires also become misaligned. It’s only natural. To combat that, you should get your vehicle in for an alignment service at least once a year. Your front tires can become pigeon-toed, so to speak, when they slightly face inward toward each other. They may also become duck-footed when they point outward. It can be very difficult to drive in a straight line with misaligned tires. A quick alignment service will get everything straightened out again! 

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