Should I use snow tires in Milwaukee?

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Snow Tire Safety Recommendations for Wisconsin Roads

One of the most dangerous parts of living in Wisconsin is winter driving. The long, cold, and snowy Wisconsin winters can make what used to be routine drives a perilous endeavor. Slipping and sliding on snow and ice is simply not ideal for safety.

The main rule to follow to stay safe on Wisconsin winter roads is to drive slowly and cautiously. However, there are a variety of other steps individuals can take to make their winter drive safer. One of these is by putting snow tires on their vehicle. Should snow tires be used during winter in Milwaukee?

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While snow tires aren’t necessarily required in Milwaukee, they are recommended! Snow tires make a surprising level of difference in winter driving, and any snow tire will perform better in inclement weather than a so-called “all-season” tire. Whether roads are slushy, icy, wet, snowy or just cold, winter tires will improve control and help you feel (and stay) safe.

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How do winter tires help winter driving?

Winter tires improve a vehicle’s traction with the road. This helps for pulling away from a stop, provides better turning response and shorter braking distances.

Winter tires also use a softer compound that helps them maintain pliability at lower temperatures better than all-season tires. This means that grip is improved on both snow and dry pavement during cold weather.

How much do snow tires cost?

Snow tires typically cost about $100 to $150 per tire for a passenger car and $200 to $400 per tire for an SUV or pickup. There’s also the option to buy winter tire rims that cost about $65 each.

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