Where can I find emergency food distribution sites in Milwaukee during COVID-19?

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Milwaukee skyline split with people getting food donations

Milwaukee County Emergency Food Distribution Locations

Adjectives such as “uncertain,” “unforeseen,” and the now-nearly-taboo “unprecedented” have been batted around a lot recently, but there’s a reason for that: these strange times truly are all of the above. Many individuals have found themselves facing challenges they hadn’t experienced before, while others are seeing their previous struggled exacerbated by the pandemic.

Luckily, the community here in Milwaukee is providing lots of resources to help one another get by. One of these services is food distribution. Where can one find emergency food distribution services in Milwaukee, WI?

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To find food distribution sites in your area that you qualify for, check out the handy map below! Put together by WUWM, Milwaukee’s Public Radio, the map boasts all the info typically needed to find a food distribution site.

In addition, if you have any questions about food, utilities, housing, or other social services, call 2-1-1 at any time of the day or night to speak with a real person who can help answer your questions.

For more information regarding resources for support during COVID-19, check out the full WUWM article here.

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