Where can I get a used car with a loan in the Milwaukee area?

By Product Expert | Posted in Community, Dealership Info, FAQs, Finance Info, Tips and Info on Tuesday, November 24th, 2020 at 4:50 pm
An arm saddled with a used car hands money over to a big floating money bag

Opting for a used rather than new car is a popular, economical choice these days. Modern vehicles hold their value and quality for longer than we’ve seen in the past, which makes them all the more appetizing as pre-owned candidates. Where can one finance a used car in the Milwaukee area?

Used Car Financing in Milwaukee, WI

At Eric Von Schledorn, our financing department is on hand to get every customer set up with a payment plan that works best for them! Couple this with our extensive selection of pre-owned vehicles, and you’re left with a winning used-financing combination.

To get started, simply slap the following button and choose which of our three dealerships you’re interested in shopping at. Then fill out the corresponding straightforward online credit application.  Happy financing!

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