How to keep your car cool this summer 

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Info on Tuesday, June 11th, 2019 at 6:45 pm
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Summer is a wonderful time of year. The weather is pristine, there’s more to do, holidays to celebrate, and barbecues to be had. With this wonderful weather comes some dangers, however. If your car sits in the sun all day, the inside of it can get well over 100°F, even if the air temperature is 70°F. Continue reading to learn more about how to keep your car cooler in the summer. 

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3 ways to keep your car cool in the summer 

Park in the shade 

This is the easiest and most obvious way to keep your car cool. Now, shady spots tend to change throughout the day, since, you know, the sun moves. Well, okay, it’s actually the Earth that moves, but you know what we mean. Anyway, if you can find an area to park your car that is mostly shady during the day, the inside of your car will be far, far cooler than it would be otherwise. Whether it’s under a tree or a canopy of sorts, this is the best way to keep your car cool. 

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Use a sunshade 

If you can’t find a shady spot to park, you can make your own shade. A sunshade sprawled across your front windshield will keep the heat away as well. Sunshades can be easily found at any auto parts or department store. 

Air it out before getting in man hot and wiping forehead in front of fan

Whether you have had shade or not, it’s a good idea to leave your car doors open for a couple minutes before getting in and driving. This allows fresh air to flow through the cabin and it will let the hot air inside escape. Cracking your windows is also a good tactic to use. 

Always be sure to keep your valuables out of your car if you know it’s going to get really hot. And NEVER leave your pets in your car without the A/C on in the summertime. Stay cool out there! 

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