Is it safe to run an electric car in the garage (or indoors)?

By Product Expert | Posted in FAQs, Tips and Info on Tuesday, January 19th, 2021 at 10:57 pm
An EV smiles happily in a garage

EV Garage Safety and Fume Hazards

It’s a big no-no to turn on your combustion engine vehicle in an enclosed space and let it run; such actions are known to cause the proliferation of highly dangerous carbon monoxide which can quickly lead to death for those exposed.

However, electric vehicles don’t seem to emit such harmful fumes; not noticeably, at least. Is it safe to run your EV in the garage, or even in your house?

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Mother and daughter cheer for their EV which sits safely in their living room

Yes, it’s safe to let your electric vehicle run in the garage. In fact, you could straight up take your electric car inside your house and park it in the living room if you wanted to. EVs are like large electrical appliances; they get warmer when you plug them in or turn them on, but they don’t emit any toxic gas.

As such, EVs do not cause unacceptable dangers indoors. It’s safe to have your EV inside whether it’s running or not.

Remember, this does not include hybrids. Hybrids are not safe to run in an enclosed area.

Will we park EVs in our homes in the future?

Our cars tend to be a big part of our lives, and are typically the most expensive thing we own besides our house. It’s a shame, then, that we relegate them to languishing in the outdoors rather than welcoming them inside our warm homes to live in comfort beside us. A combustion car, of course, would kill us if we allowed it to do so. An EV, however, would not.

Imagine the convenience of having your car in your house; it would make unloading groceries and children much easier. The car seats could work as a second couch: simply lift your EV’s convertible top and lounge in the car to watch a movie. Modern high-quality vehicular sound systems could serve admirably as a home entertainment system.

The biggest hurdle to in-house EV parking that we foresee is dirtiness. Ideally, some system would be devised to give your tires and vehicle a rinse before entering the homestead. Here in Arizona, things are already pretty clean; we wouldn’t have to worry about tracking in snow and slush, at least. As technology improves, vehicles leaking their own fluids should also become a thing of the past.

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