Used Car Laws in Wisconsin

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How Long Do I Have to Return a Used Car in Wisconsin? 

There are a lot of factors to consider when you buy a pre-owned vehicle. From the car’s mileage to its working condition to its price, you must check everything before you finalize a purchase. But what most drivers overlook while purchasing a used car are the laws related to used vehicles. They may not look crucial while you buy a car, but they come in handy in certain situations.

For example, there might be a scenario where you buy a used vehicle, and you don’t like it after a while. But it may not be possible for you to return the car once you sign a binding contract. Are you wondering how long do you usually have to return a used car in Wisconsin? Please keep reading to get an answer to that question from our team at Eric Von Schledorn Automotive in Milwaukee, WI. 

Can I Return a Used Car? 

Many drivers believe that they have a three-day duration to return a used car. But that is not the case. If a dealer is selling you a used vehicle away from the dealership, you have a 3-day cooling-off period in which you can return the purchased vehicle. But if you buy a pre-owned car at the dealership, you sign a contract under which you may have to pay a penalty of up to 5% if you want to return the used vehicle. 

Special Offers for Used Cars in Milwaukee, WI 

What are the Laws to Protect Used Car Buyers in Wisconsin? 

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The Wisconsin government has a set of protocols that the dealer must follow before selling a used car. Some of them include the following: 

  • Every used car must go through a safety inspection. 
  • If the vehicle has some issues, they should be mentioned in the buyer’s guide. 
  • Before filling out the buyer’s guide, the dealer must test drive the vehicle. 

Why Choose Eric Von Schledorn Automotive for Your Next Purchase? 

If you want to buy a pre-owned car in Milwaukee, WI, you can do so at our dealership, Eric Von Schledorn Automotive. Before selling a used vehicle, we follow all the protocols as per the Wisconsin government. Our extensive inventory has all the used cars in top-notch condition. Not only do we assist you before the purchase, but we also offer plenty of service options after the purchase! 

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