How Summer Hurts Your Car

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A few weeks ago, we mentioned that summer was drawing to a close, and that as painful as this was, we at least had Labor Day weekend to look forward to. While this is true, there’s also another residual concern to consider; namely, the toll that the heat and sun of summer can take on your car. So, let’s look briefly at how summer hurts your car.

How Summer Hurts Your Car

It Can Hurt Your Tires

Most of us only think of cold weather as the nefarious force acting on our tires, but this isn’t so. Warm weather also can put stress on your tires, particularly as friction and hot roads work in tandem to stress out the rubber. On its surface, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing; after all, we always drive on hot roads. But if your tires are under- or overinflated, a blowout could easily happen.

Fall Auto Service West Bend WIIt’s Terrible for Your Paint

The best connection we can make in this regard is by thinking about sunburn, and how long hours of direct sunlight can harm your skin. The same is true of your paint; yeah, it’s made to be durable, but it must be taken care of too. The best way to do this is with regular washings and dryings, followed by polishing and a good wax.

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Fluids Are Tested

Many of us are pretty thorough when it comes to keeping our fluids at adequate levels, but it’s worth mentioning here anyway: hot temps under your hood require that your engine gets all the lubrication and cooling that you can offer. It’s easy to overlook, but if you bring your car in for regular service, it shouldn’t be a problem to ensure that this is taken care of.

Rubber Surfaces Can Dry Out

Think about it — your car has lots of rubber surfaces that are exposed to sunlight. You’ve got windshield wiper blades, you’ve got those trimmings that run along your windows, you’ve got belts and hoses that keep things working under the hood. You know what makes these dry out and crack? Heat. It can really do a number. So make sure that you’re checking these as fall approaches as well.

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